Development Update: March 5th, 2018

Three weeks to the Patron Pal Prototype for Chapter 5. Mark your calenders.


Things are going well on the coding front. I did my second balance pass, but I spent most of my time improving cutscenes, improving maps, and polishing dialogue. Chapter 5 looks pretty darn good in my opinion.

I still need to polish and balance the LRT facility, and the Equinox facility’s battles are still unbalanced. There is also a major puzzle (optional, for those of you who hate puzzles) which I have put the map in for but not completed the back-end for.

Since I have three weeks to go, I probably won’t get all the polishing work in I want. But, everything will be functional for the prototype players to give feedback on.


Sprites and inking are up to date, and I’m getting Urimas to add some special sprites for a cutscene I’m planning. Hund is going to be putting together a map for Regulus. Right now he’s putting together some buildings and pieces which will be arranged into a map.

Chickenwhite is redesigning one of the bosses from Chapter 5 to be – better. That’s all I will say. After that she’s on TF-scene duty. I’m hoping all four TFs will be completed by the time the prototype goes out, but that’s a bit of a tall order. They will probably only be in sketch form.

Everything Else

There isn’t an “everything else”. Right now, this project is art and coding. I do the music and sound work myself. Damn it.

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