300$ Patron Update Spectacular!


Cover art by possible genius agrochemist Rune MFB!

That’s right, we passed 300$ in contributions

Counting all income sources (including patrons who donate via Paypal), Project Pandemonium just passed 300$ USD. In case you’re wondering, the pledge number on the Patreon page doesn’t reflect the correct value since it seems to ignore fees and the amount I’m pledging to other creators. It’s kind of crap.

To celebrate I got noted artist Rune MFB to cook up this special Slimey-Mei image! He wanted to make something special, so he did a partially transformed Mei. I think he has a thing for slime girls.

First Big News Piece: New UI in Development!


Status Screen Concept by CocoMint

After 8 long months, I finally managed to convince CocoMint to help develop us a new UI. And not a damn moment too soon, as the old one was getting quite gamey.

I expect this UI will be finished before the end of April and implemented into the engine. When that happens, a new release of Chapter 1, v1.05, will be released to the public with the new UI in it. No new content, just the new UI. I will also try to get Prototype 5-2 up around that time for Patrons to see new content and the new UI around it.

Second Big News Piece: Major Update to Viscones

Okay so maybe this is great for huge nerds like me, but I got around to updating the code to use dynamic viscones instead of the fixed versions.

Dynamic Viscones.png

You can now see exactly where you need to stand to avoid enemy sight lines. I still need to do lots of optimization and bugfixing, but the system works and runs smoothly. This is one of those things that’s been bugging me since I implemented it back in v1.02 (I think).

I’m not going to get too hung up on the complex geometry (such as the barrels there having square collision hitboxes) because that’s one of those things that takes a lot of time but doesn’t yield a huge reward.

There will be a Coding with a Grain of Salt later this week or next week going into detail on how I made this system work. It involves blockmaps and might involve binary space partitions, so all you huge nerds will probably love it!

Third Major News Piece: Patron Polls in Place

If you’re a Patron, please head over to the Patreon to fill out the Prototype 5-1 feedback survey. And, if you’re a 5+ Patron, fill out the second Starlight Steering Survey, which includes things like how often we should release prototypes and how much my music selection sucks.

Fourth Major News Piece: April Budget Statement

Like all good news outlets, I bury the important news at the bottom. The April 2018 budget report is now out for everyone to marvel at. Yes, Chapter 1 and Prototype 5-1 are what we could do with 2000$. I’m just as alarmed as you are.

Everything Else

Coding work is mostly going to be housekeeping stuff for a little while. Now that Prototype 5-1 is out, I’m going back through all the stuff I had to put aside and putting that in. Viewcones and UI are some examples, but there have been minor bugs I’ve been wanting to get to for ages.

The artists are doing their usual thing. I’m told we should have the combat animations this week and the map next week. First TF sequence will probably be this week too.

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