Development Update: April 2nd, 2018


Coding Stuff

I’ve spent most of the previous week working on another project, which launched on Sunday. I’m taking a few days off because working every day for 2 months has taken a bit of a toll.

If you’re interested, the project is on and can be downloaded for free. I did the engine work, and my associate did the art and the writing.

Art Stuff

Hund is working on the map and damage animations, Chicken is working on TF art. We’re also getting a new UI in the next two weeks. I’ve been trying to badger Cocomint into making a new UI for about 8 months now and it’s finally happening.

Future Plans

Next week will be a special post to celebrate a recent milestone on Patreon. I will also be putting up two polls for Patrons. One is a feedback survey for Prototype 5-1, and the other is a steering poll. Do you want more frequent but less polished prototypes? What area should we be focusing on next? The poll will decide what we do.

For the moment, the next two weeks will be spent working on getting the new UI in. We’ll probably have another round of prototypes later this month based on the progress I make once I’ve recovered a bit.

There will also be a budget report next week once all the Patreon funding gets settled. It’s been a lot of hard work but everything is going great.

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