Development Update: May 28th, 2018

Linux Build Coming Soon!

I ordered all the parts for the computer I’m building, and I will have them in early June. I’m going to be dual-booting Linux and Windows on this machine, so hopefully Prototype 5-2 will have native Linux support. Hooray!

Programming Stuff

Most of the way through Tellurium Mines’ scenario. Rather than rush to complete it, I took some time to put the UI in more thoroughly.

And let me tell you, it’s worth it. The UI overhaul makes the game so much more enjoyable, if for no reason other than it’s much cleaner to look at.


It’s still a work in progress, as not all of the text/images are aligned correctly and some parts are not finished yet. But it looks so much better oh my god.

Artistic Stuff

The needed character designs for Prototype 5-2 are complete, and Chicken is finishing up the Latex Drone sequence. Everything else is a nice-to-have.

Hund is now working on making some pretty runestone animations. They look great and I’ll probably wind up posting a sample when they’re ready.

Urimas, as always, is spriting. His next task is to get me sprites of the Steam Droid characters so I can finish the cutscenes therein.

And what’s that? Rune is back to work? Yes, Rune is doing some character design work for Chapter 2 and will be making promotional materials for the big release of 5-2. Much excite!


  • Serenity Crater (Reviewing Balance)
  • Tellurium Mines (Mostly Done, unbalanced)
  • Text Adventure Subquest
  • Golem Transformation images (Done)
  • Latex Drone Transformation images (In progress)
  • Enemies for Serenity Crater (Done)
  • All running animations completes (Done)
  • New UI Overhaul (4/5ths done!)
  • Eldritch Dream Girl Transformation (Text only, Complete)
  • Work Credits System implemented and balanced
  • Next balance pass of Chapter 5 (In Progress)
  • Darkmatter Girl Transformation (Complete)
  • Electrosprite Transformation (Text only, no images)
  • Steam Droid Transformation (Text only, no images)