Development Update: November 5th, 2018

So before we go any further, Doll Manor will go out to 5$ patrons on Wednesday, along with Mario’s first Pandemonium story, “A Handy Situation”.

I have some more things to do on Doll Manor before it’s ready for its first prototype. It’s bugfixes to the scenario there to make sure all the obvious ways to break it are handled. The non-obvious ways will remain until you guys start reporting them.

Programming Stuff

Bugs bugs bugs. We’ve already put out a couple new versions of the prototype, which can be found on the Prototype 5 downloads page if you’re a patron. I intend to spend the next week just fixing all the bugs that have built up, and after that, on to the content additions.

Art and Whatnot

New tiles are rolling in from Urimas. Stinkehund has some full-screen CG images he’s working on, which you’ll see later in Chapter 5’s development. We also have some nice bonuses from Koops this week.

There were five dolls in Chambers of Pandemonium: Dancer, Geisha, Goth, Bride, Princess. I wanted to have six (since six is a bit of a thematic number in this game) so I asked Koops to come up with some new ones. Here are the ones that didn’t make the cut.


Blow-up Doll. Kind of an odd misinterpretation of the word doll.


Dough Babe. Actually a pretty cute design.


Dough Baby. Be very careful how you word things when asking for art concepts.


Okay now she’s just fucking with me.

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