Development Update: Prototype 5-3 Released to Patrons!

That’s right, Prototype 5-3 is now going out to patrons! Check the Prototype 5 downloads page (or your patreon inbox if you haven’t done this before) to get it, and enjoy all the hard work.

If you’re not a Patron, now’s your chance! The prototype will be released to the public on November 31st, 2018.

Note for OSX Users: Due to the recent release of Mojave, the XCode toolchain is borked and attempting to fix it tells me the software is not available on the Apple servers. It’s probably a small fix, but for the time being I don’t have an OSX release. I will patch one and release it as soon as I figure out what’s wrong. I am not the only one having this problem either, so hopefully someone else figures out a workaround that doesn’t involve Apple’s poor third-party support.

Note for Linux Users: The version provided has an executable, PandemoniumLinux, which should run. This is a 64-bit executable and will probably not work on 32-bit systems.
You can also try building it yourself, here’s a guide!

If you’re a Linux user and cannot run the executable straight out, try running it via the console:
1: Open a console, navigate to your Pandemonium install
2: type “./PandemoniumLinux” to run the program.
3: If you’re a more experience Linux developer, please let me know how I can fix this in the future so it runs with a double-click. I’m not an expert on this stuff.

As per usual, please SPOILER your bug reports on the forums. We also now have a public-visibility bug tracker on Trello. You can also join the Discord to give feedback and receive help quicker, the regulars will probably set you straight.

Other Stuff

DrDissonance has completed what I needed of the soundtrack, and it will be patched into the next non-bugfix release of Prototype 5-3. We will also be featuring a guest-post by him later (next week?) about his development process.



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