Development Update: November 19th, 2018

First, the Update

Urimas made some animations, Hund did some inking, Koops is about 3/4ths done Doll Manor’s concept work, and I’ve done a bunch of mapping. I’ve also fixed up some bugs and features.

Chicken is still recovering after the surgery. Should be back to work later this week.

Prototype Poll Results from Patron Pals


People like the prototype! Particularly everyone liked the gala and most people liked the shopping and Electrosprites. This is good because I was worried the exact opposite was going to happen. I was really worried that the Gala would be received poorly.

The final battle didn’t tickle too many people well but they also didn’t hate it. Hmm.


Doll Manor has been received fairly well. I’ll be working on it next week, most likely. Fortunately, there were no negative results, I can live with neutrality.


The public like’s Mario’s work. 2 uninterested, 1 dislike, 10 loves. Seems it was a very polarizing piece.

If you’re a 5$ patron and are reading this but have not seen the new story, Jillin with the Jellies, it’s on Patreon right now. I will assume most people will have similar opinions about the two. Unless you like slime girls in which case you’re automatically in the love category.


In a stunning upset, Ghosts beat Bees by 2 votes. This happened in the last two or so days of polling, Bees had been ahead until very recently. It therefore looks like the next two stories will be Ghosts and Bees. Those will be coming out in early December, or possibly earlier if Mario is feeling particularly motivated.

Seems Crowbar-chan won’t be getting that spin-off franchise quite yet.


The results here are pretty darn clear: You want me to backfill all the partially completed stuff for Chapter 5. Very well, that’s going to be my focus in the coming weeks. I’m going to clean up some of the bugs, add interactions, case-handlers, finish some of the puzzles, and add the extra content to the Mines that I’d been putting off.

Seems Crowbar-chan won’t be getting that spin-off franchise quite yet.


A surprisingly high completion setup. This is a “Mark as many as apply” thing, since Electrosprites is optional. I assume most users thus did most of the content of the chapter, and few of them got bored and wandered off.

So this means I know what the hell to aim for in the coming weeks. The public gets access to the prototype on the 31st, and I’ll see how much I can get slammed out between now and then.

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