Development Update: November 26th, 2018

The Important Part: Prototype 5-3 goes public on Friday

Exactly what the title says, if you’re not a patron then you get to play 5-3 come Friday. I hope you’re excited because the patrons sure did love it.

Of course you could always become a patron yourself as a way of saying thanks. Just putting that out there.

Programming Stuff

I’ve been burning through my list of small improvements and backfilling. As always you can check the public trello board to see some of the stuff I’ve added. Not everything that gets changed is on there, and some of it may be a spoiler to you non-patrons. Use at your own risk.

We’ve also added a new map animations system that will be used for some new types of animations. Exactly what types? Well, the people on the Discord server have already been teased. If you’re not the sort to go on Discord, then you’ll just have to wait for Friday now won’t you?

Spriting and Art

Urimas is currently working on the new animations. The previews look great so far and have been well received. The first animation is an experiment to test the waters, and we’ll be taking feedback on the scene. If the public adores it, then there will surely be more.

Koops has finished Doll Manor’s linework. It’s currently undergoing inkwork by Stinkehund. This means I can write up the remaining TF sequences and start work on the second part of the game’s scenario. I expect I will be doing that in December.

Chickenwhite is sufficiently recovered from her surgery to return to work, and has informed me she is shaking with pent up art desire. It’s like an addiction to drawing. Please art responsibly.

Music? SFX?

I have commissioned DrDissonance yet again to produce a new track. A lot of people indicated they weren’t too happy with the Serenity Observatory theme, as it sort of mixes the ultra-creepy too hard and the neutral not hard enough. I want to use the theme for other areas, and instead asked DrDiss to make a new neutral-zone theme more suiting to the observatory’s comfortable feeling.

I also asked him to whip up some SFX. This is underway. I am not sure what will be ready by Friday’s public release.

I’ve also asked voice-producing person CocoMint to make the voice samples for the Chapter 5 characters. The voice samples are borrowing Chapter 1’s characters. So far nobody has asked me why Florentina and 55 have the exact same voice, but they will eventually because those two will be sharing a screen in Chapter 6.

And Most Importantly

Our Discord server now has custom emojis.


Accepting Game of the Year nominations now.

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