Development Update: December 3rd, 2018

(Are you looking for the Prototype 5-3d release page? Click here!)

Programming Stuff

It’s all backfilling for me. I expect to spend the next month cleaning up bugs, tweaking things, improving dialogue cues, and finishing up Doll Manor. Since there was a release on Friday, you can go see what I’ve been up to. Don’t let me stop you.

Art Stuff

Artist Chickenwhite is officially back to work as of today, and has squirreled herself away with Concept Artist Koops to generate some new designs. The first thing on her list is to finally finish the colors and shading for the Cassandra Golem transformation, and get me improved dialogue portraits for the golems since theirs are way too big. We’ll also be getting some new enemy and NPC designs, and hopefully even the Eldritch Christine TF sequence soon.

Hund has finished the inkwork for Doll Manor’s dolls and has a few more to go for its characters. He’s going to study with Chickenwhite to match her shading style and see if we can get him to help clear the shading backlog that has built up due to her illness.

Urimas “The Spaceman” Ebonheart will be doing the second of our animation experiments. Expect to hear more about that next week. Patrons will probably even get a new release to see what they think of it…


DrDiss will be finishing off the sound effects improvements. Most of the feedback I’ve heard on the SFX was fairly positive, so we’re happy over here, but I’d like to get it even better.


MarioneTTe is still working on the outline for the Ghost Story. He did a lot of research on it (that’s not a joke, he was reading a lot of possession stories) and we had a meeting on it to discuss story ideas. I think it went well.

Chicken will also be doing cover art for it so we can get it on Amazon! You’ll get to see the covers when they’re in place, because you couldn’t get enough slimes and Mei could you?

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