Prototype 5-3d Public Release!

It’s Here!

Download it from Mediafire

Linux Users: Good Samaritan Bicobus has written a compilation guide that’s way better than mine. Link is here if you want to build it on your system. OSX users are still out of luck, will try to find a fix this weekend.

After a month of cruel teasing and bugfixes/content additions, Prototype 5-3 is now available to the public. Returning patrons will also find many new content additions so it’s worth anuvva go.

This version adds the next part of the main game as well as the subquest in Sector 198. If you have a savefile and want to continue the story, simply get 55 in your party and then try to enter Regulus City. When she goes to leave the party, the story will instead progress. Don’t worry, you’ll still have time to go do the Electrosprite sidequest afterwards.

A public bug reports trello is here. If you have a bug report and the presence of mind to check it, you may be able to avoid duplicating bugs. I’ve run through the scenario myself and not seen anything critical but I can’t test everything all alone.

There will be more bug fix/content addition releases in the near future. For example, we have the maps ready and they need to be coded in, I’m working on getting all the dialogue cues in, the form handlers for many miscellaneous scenes need to be written… the list goes on.

When a new release is made, it will be public after a few days. This is just to make sure I didn’t break anything horrendously. I will try to do this every few weeks but December is coming up and we all know what December does to productivity.

If you do have a bug, the best place to report it is the TFGS Forums or right in my face on our Discord server. If you need help or have a question, those places are also pretty good. We have a very helpful community and MarioneTTe will often dance to amuse you if prompted/threatened.

Boring Changelog

Really Important Stuff

  • Added Electrosprite subquest in Sector 198
  • Added next parts of main story
  • Added Sophie’s “Inspection” of Latex Christine.
  • Added new soundtrack by DrDissonance
  • Added (prototype) SFX by DrDissonance. Feedback is desired!
  • Fixed way too many bugs to count
  • Introduced way too many bugs to count

Prototype 5-3a

  • Fixed not being able to transform into a Latex Drone (Thanks, Merylgoo!)
  • Updated Darkmatter Christine’s dialogue placeholder. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Darkmatters will no longer attack you when Christine is in Darkmatter form. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Fixed Steam Droid transformation skipping to the end really quickly. (Thanks, Merylgoo!)
  • Fixed a visual bug near the secret in the LRT facility. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Fixed using the wrong case for the Adamantite item file. Only affects Linux users.
  • Fixed Latex Christine not having a ‘Happy’ frame and reverting to the human one. (Thanks, Merylgoo!)
  • Fixed not handling one specific case in the briefing scene. (Thanks, Klaysee!)

Prototype 5-3b

  • Fixed a bug in Serenity Crater that made it impossible to complete the scenario. (Thanks, Klaysee and Aaaac!)
  • Fixed 55 not correctly appearing when warping to the Tellurium Mines entrance without her in the party. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed 55 not correctly appearing when warping to the Sprocket City entrance without her in the party. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • As above, but for the Serenity Crater campfires, too. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Added difficulties to text adventure mode! Use ‘difficulty X’ where X is easy, normal, or hard. Prototype 5-3a was locked to ‘hard’ mode, default is ‘normal’.
  • Fixed 55 spawning twice right before the point of no return. (Thanks, Klaysee!)

Prototype 5-3c

  • Fixed 55 spawning twice when warping to Sprocket City’s outskirts. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed enemies in Cryogenics ignoring Christine when in Golem form. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • You can now examine the window near the airlock in Cryogenics. Everyone wanted me to let them examine it, well now you can.
  • Fixed some enemies in a certain dungeon not having vision cones. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • You can now walk around in the broken storage container in the containment area. This was a vital change.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos (Thanks, many people!)
  • Pressing arrow-key up and down allows you to scroll back through your inputs in Text Adventure mode.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the tram errors so it should no longer think it’s somewhere it isn’t. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Reputation items now show how much rep you get for turning them in.
  • Fixed the mysterious Florentina Warden bug.
  • Inventory now resets to the first page when exiting the menu.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the strange bug where the inventory menu refused to allow you to scroll to the third page when you have three pages of items. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed selling at shops when you have a very long item list relative to the item list of the vendor. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Comparison shopping will now dynamically select characters who can use the item to compare against, and display a message if nobody can equip it. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Defragmenting in Christine’s quarters now counts as a rest action, refilling HP and the Doctor Bag. (Suggested by Aaaac.)
  • Enemy population sizes will cap at floor 25 of the Tellurium Mines. Enemy stat boosts will cap at floor 35. Treasure counts keep increasing! (Suggested by Aaaac.)
  • Can no longer exit Regulus City’s basement as a human, stepping into hard vacuum. (Thanks, Mephis!)
  • Finished the LRT’s armory room.
  • Cassandra will no longer look human but talk like a Golem in Sector 15’s basement if you warp into the room. (Thanks, Seris!)
  • Dialogue when rescuing Cassandra updated if you have gone to Sprocket City already.
  • Splash-damage attacks will animate the damage all at the same time instead of waiting. (Suggested by MerylGoo.)
  • Combat UI should no longer behave strangely when an enemy kills itself. (Thanks, MerylGoo!)
  • Fixed a collision error in Lower Regulus City. (Thanks, Marcella!)
  • Fixed a door in Lower Regulus City not working. (Thanks, Marcella!)
  • Fixed Susan not disappearing from the entities list after warping away. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Marked combo point usage on some abilities that did not have it previously. (Suggested by Aaaac.)
  • Fixed incorrect cooldown listed for Encourage. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Put hard caps on enemy spawns in Tellurium Mines, and hard caps on enemy stat gains.
  • You can now examine the drop trap outside of Sprocket City. I suggest you do so. (Suggested by Aaaac.)
  • Added a work terminal to Tellurium Mines right next to the work-credits NPC for easy shopping. (Suggested by Aaaac.)
  • Added some missing conversations with Sophie. (Damn you, Aaaac!)

Prototype 5-3d

  • You can now examine the gap near Sprocket City from both sides. (You just couldn’t leave it could you Aaaac!)
  • You can no longer check Christine’s quarters terminal from through the wall. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed the LockedDoor notification in the LRT Armory. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Pressing the Activate key on the options menu will no longer reset all options to default. Unless you’re on the “Defaults” button. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Fixed the regular dungeon music playing underneath layered tracks in chapter 1. (Thanks, MerylGoo!)
  • Realigned the VICTORY! text after combat is over. (Thanks, *NOBODY*!)
  • HP bars will now tick up and down over time.
  • Fixed examining things in Equinox through the walls. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Reputation items now stack together. (Suggested by Merylgoo)
  • Added new frames for 55 to use in Serenity Crater.
  • Fixed 300910 commenting on an RVD screen when she’s not even in the room. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed the auto-use Doctor Bag variable not being saved. (Thanks, Aaaac!)
  • Fixed some missing examination text in the LRT facility. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Added some post-KO dialogues.
  • Fixed mistakenly referring to Chris as Christine during post-KO dialogues.
  • Serenity Crater campfires have been added to the warp list and had their names updated.
  • Airlock at the midpoint of Serenity Crater will now check Christine’s form before opening.
  • Christine will not comment on the Serenity Crater held-shut door when opening it from the other side unless she found it stuck earlier.
  • Improved the Vivify encounter sequence in the LRT facility.
  • Added form handlers for the rather rapid entry to Sprocket City. (Thanks, Klaysee! For yelling at me until I did it!)
  • Added form handlers for the LRT encounter with 2856. (Leave me alone, Klaysee! You’re killing me!)
  • Fixed the elevators in Regulus City Basement 2F displaying an error message if you cancel out of them. (Thanks, Aaaac and Klaysee!)
  • Added form handlers for the Serenity Observatory meeting.
  • Fixed up the Serenity Research Labs cutscenes a bit.
  • Christine will now respond to the black site in the LRT facility appropriately if the Mines site has been completed. (Thanks, Klaysee!)
  • Updated Sophie’s reactions to human Christine based on sidequests completed.
  • Fixed one of Electrosprite Christine’s movement frames blending incorrectly.
  • Added onscreen prompts to the Level Generator so it’s easier to use.
  • You can now manually enter seeds to the Level Generator if you want to debug a certain seed.
  • Added an “Inspection” for Latex Drone Christine when talking to Sophie. Mwehehehehehehehehe!
  • Added new character voices. (Created by CocoMint!)
  • Added scrollbars if there are a lot of entries on the locality window in Text Adventure Mode. (Thanks, Aaaac and Merylgoo!)
  • Added new Serenity Observatory music, and appropriate cues for said music.
  • Added first pass of new SFX from DrDiss. Let us know what you think!
  • Updated Patreon Backer listing. (Klaysee won’t let me forget it! Send help!)

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