Development Update: January 14th, 2019

Coding Stuff

I’ve cleaned up the Doll Manor code and normalized everything. It now flows better together on the screen and has far fewer bugs. I’ve also added an endings handler so the game can properly end when there’s no more content.

Next up is the overhaul of Text Adventure’s combat system. When that is completed, a new prototype will go out to anyone with access to Doll Manor, which is 5$ patrons.

If you’re a former 5$ patron but aren’t currently, you’ll be able to send me a message and I’ll get you a link to it.

Art Stuff

Chicken promises to complete the Bee Story’s cover tomorrow, at which point it’s back to emotes and transformations.

We decided on a shading style for the dolls and Stinkehund will be doing the coloring on those this week.

Urimas still exists.

Music and Writing

Mario has finished the bee story and it will be released to 5$ patrons today! If you’re a patron, check your patreon for maximum excitement!

Meanwhile, DrDiss has finished some compositions for the next release of Chapter 5. We’re adding both a puzzle-solving theme and a new theme for the gala. The previous theme was crudely stolen borrowed from another game, and didn’t line up properly anyway. The new version sounds way nicer and is fully owned by the team, so no getting sued!

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