Development Update: January 21st, 2019

Programming Stuff

This week has been kind of slow for me, since January is the month I have to work my day job a lot. The boss takes a vacation, I gotta cover those shifts. Yawn.
Fortunately, I have most of the Doll Manor combat overhaul done. I expect it should be done Wednesday (gotta work Tuesday…) and we can start testing it to see if it’s, you know, fun.

Art Stuff

Hund drew some corgis.


These corgis will appear on the logo for the book series Mario is working on.image0

Koops’ latest masterpiece.

So yes, the art is going well.

Music and Writing

Mario is working on the ghost story. No release date expected, but the rule about 5$ patrons will hold true for it. I’ll send messages out over Patreon to all applicable patrons.

DrDiss has finished both the puzzle theme and the new gala theme. Patrons will get to hear the new gala theme this week, and it’s pretty darn good.

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