Development Update: February 25th, 2019

Programming Update

I’m killing myself.

Specifically, I’ve been working my butt off trying to get as much done as I can before the 28th.

Doll Manor’s next prototype goes live for patrons on the 28th.

Presently, I have finished Saving/Loading, deck customization, all of the story endings, four of the monsters, manor layout, equipment upgrades, and probably some other crap.

The fifth monster form will not make it, as the art was not ready in time. Stinkehund ran into some technical issues with his tablet. It’ll get patched in later.

The next prototype will be very buggy – I am certain of it because my bug list is really long and there’s no way I’ll get them all done in the next few days. The game is still playable start to finish, and all 10 endings are available to shrewd players.

I’ll be very interested to know what everyone thinks of the story, characters, mechanics, and art. I can’t wait!

Next week there will be a 5$ patron-pal-poll so everyone can vote on what I should do next. Until the results are tallied, as of March 1st I will be back to work on Chapter 5.

Art and all the rest

Urimas made sprites for the new Raibie enemies. Hund has been helping me get everything ready for Doll Manor. Chicken has made some new enemy art that patrons will get to see… soon…

Mario promises that the ghost story will be ready when he gets back from house-sitting, which is in early March. Thanks for the patience for all those of you who waited.

DrDiss got me two more variations on Sanya’s theme for Chapter 2. Patrons might get to hear them later, once Chicken’s art is on show.

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