Development Update: February 18th, 2019

Programming Stuff and The Plan

So, we wrote down the entire set of story for Doll Manor except the very last cutscene. Most of it is in, though I need to put a couple of items in first.

It’s a little hard to overstate how much I’ve been working on Doll Manor. Several days of the ol’ wake up – code – eat – code – sleep cycle. And I love it.

There are a whopping five transformations planned in the game, because we stretched the hell out of our art budget and I want to make full use of it. Two are currently implemented and Stinkehund is getting me the images for the last one this week.

While the game is unbalanced and actually brutally hard right now, it is functional. I will be finishing off the remainder of the story components this week, finishing up phases 2 and 3. Phase 4 is the shortest and probably the least complex, and then the game is ready.

How much polish will be put in is up to how quickly I get all of this done. Either way, I will be releasing what I have on the 28th because as of March we’re back to work on Chapter 5. I will then collect bugs and suggestions for Doll Manor and hopefully have it all ready to ship as a standalone game for April.

This means you can expect a 5$ patron prototype next Monday or possibility Wednesday, if I need a little extra time.

If you don’t have 5 bucks but really really really want to play the game, you should compose a poem about it and send it to me (email, discord, patreon, TFGS forums). If the team really likes it we’ll totally get you a copy.

I’m serious.

Art and Music

DrDiss is back and just got me the first pass at Sanya’s theme for Chapter 2!

Chickenwhite finished the Raibie concept and patrons will get to see it next week! She’s now on to making more nasty critters that will appear in the Biolabs.

Urimas and Hund have been hard at work on Doll Manor, getting tiles and making inkwork and weird photoshop experiments. I’m sure you’ll love how Doll Manor looks and sounds, and it’s at least 25% due to their work. The rest is my credit. I am an ideas person.

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