Development Update: March 18, 2019

F-f-f-f-fan art! FAN ART!

Look! Look at this!


World-famous artist (in that at least one person knows about her on at least two continents) Goop-Sinpai likes Pandemonium so much, she drew fan art! This is Juniper, an OC of her friend’s who is now a cute robot girl. For extra enjoyment, Goop has joined up with our Discord and I got to spend lots of time hanging out with her. We talked mostly about slime and art and stuff, it was totally chill.

I always cross-post fan art! Please look at Goop-Sinpai’s DA and enjoy all the transformation stuff on there! Only good can come of this.

Programming Stuff

Phew. After a week of mapping mapping and more mapping, I have about 3-4 rooms left to go before the Biolabs are as complete as I can get them. Those goofy artists are a bit behind so I’ll have to placeholder the Epsilon labs. I will start gluing the maps together and doing script work this week.

Art Stuff

Chicken is working her way through Christine’s emote list. I believe she has two forms left to go, plus Christine and Sophie’s Gala-dress Golem portraits.

If you don’t laugh at the Latex Drone emotes, you might have no soul.

Oh, and Stinkehund is most of the way through redoing the title screen. I’ll be posting that when it’s a bit further along.

Urimas, meanwhile, has done tiles and sprites for the new enemies. He has many more to go and I’ve been swearing at him a lot to little effect.


DrDiss got me the first pass at the LRT Facility’s redo. We can’t use the current one since it’s a remix which means it falls under copyright (one can theoretically declare a remix to be transformative, and it’s common in the industry, but legally it’s murky and I don’t want to take any chances). It’s 80’s synthwave and super awesome. Patrons might even get to hear it next week, depending.

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