Development Update: March 25, 2019

The Fan Art Continues

More fan art by Goop Sinpai! This time commissioned by #1 fan and robot enthusiast Klaysee, we have Mei getting core’d, gooped, and golem’d!


You can see the full sequence at these links. You should go see them because I love them and think they are great. Goop is currently working on the next commission sequence and you’ll see that next week, because I love fan art and can’t help but post it. I have a problem.

Pandemonium Classic: Unity Edition!

Holy crap, remember that other project? The re-remaster? Well it’s back and got a new prototype!

The TFGS database link is right here.


This one is made by ThrowawayLady (or just tl) as a mini colloboration. All I did was extract the images and get Urimas to make the hand sprites. It’s Classic Mode, but in 3D action gameplay. Fairly barebones right now, but it has most of the TFs of the original in and is coming along at a good clip.

Programming Stuff

I’ve finished the glue work on the maps and have moved into the backend. This week I’ll be testing everything (it’s all broken oh my god) and then writing examination text. For 40 rooms. Hoo boy.

Artistic Stuff

Chicken has finished most of the emotes! Steam Droid is left. After that she’s going to finally get to work on the world concepts I demanded. Alternately, she might do a TF sequence. Those wacky artists!

Stinkehund has finished most of the layout for the new title screen. It has not one, not two, but three corgis in it. It’s already the best title screen ever made.

Urimas is making more character sprites. We settled on a look for the rebel golems. They look fabulous I will have you know.

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