Development Update: April 29th, 2019

Monster Prom is releasing modding tools

What the hell?

Yep, it was announced yesterday that Monster Prom, a game about dating (and getting rejected by I HAD 13 BOLDNESS WHAT THE FUCK) monster girls and boys is getting modder tools. You can see the reddit thread here.

What does this have to do with Pandemonium? Is it not obvious?

We want to make our own silly mod! Probably featuring 1 main dateable character and a few side characters. And we want your 5$ patron opinions!

For obvious reasons, this won’t happen for a while. The mod tools aren’t even out, and Chapter 5 and Doll Manor take precedence. Still, 5$ patrons will have a poll up to vote on what we decide to focus on.

Programming Update

I have resolved that I will complete the Epsilon Habitat stuff and finish the story targets this week. It’s a tall order considering it’s a short week (I spent more days at my day job than usual) but I’m the kind of stubborn that I must get it done.

Art Update

Urimas got sick and is thus behind on his spriting duties. Chicken has been slow as well. Hund finished the concept work and is back to work on getting all the emotes inked and shaded.

Here is a discussion thread. Fight!

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