Development Update: April 22nd, 2019

Screw the Update, Here’s Nekomatas



(Patrons get to see the NSFW version!)

The Nekomatas are an enigmatic partirhuman species known for their selfishness and cruel trickery. They are the mortal enemies of the Kitsunes since ancient times, believing their patron Fox Goddess emphasized cleverness for self-interest.

Nothing is sacred to the Nekomatas. They are said to be necromancers, the banned sorcery that not even the ethics-free Regulans dared flirt with. They can do terrible things to your body, and then doubly terrible things to your soul.

Woe unto any who cross paths with one. Whatever they offer you, whatever they tell you, it is a trick, a lie, to get you to give up something. You might just give up something even more important than your own life.

Programming Stuff

Finished examination text and several cutscenes up to the Raiju Ranch. Working through the remaining two and then it’s on to NPC dialogues.

Art Stuff

Chicken is currently finishing off Christine and Sophie’s gala emotes, and then will be doing the cover art for Hostin’ Makes Me Feel Good, the ghost tie-in story for Chapter 1.

Stinkehund completed the new title screen and I’ll have more announcements on that next week.

Urimas made sheep and chicken sprites so god damn are we happy over here.

Here is a discussion thread. You can discuss the weather, or the game. Up to you.

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