Development Update: May 13th, 2019

Programming and Stuff

This week, I finished the main story path for the Biolabs and updated the engine for widescreen UI usage. Note that I have not optimized it yet, I just re-centered everything and realigned text as needed. There is extra space on the widescreen UI that can be used to improve presentation and provide more detailed descriptions of some abilities.

I’ve also finished most of something that will be a secret for a little while yet. More on that later. For now, progress.

Also, a tentative release target is End of June. I will need to bang out one sidequest every 12 days on average, which is quite doable assuming no horrible bugs show up.


Hund has finished inking those Sophie/Christine dialogue portraits, Urimas is making me the weird tiles I asked for, and Chicken is really sick and thus hasn’t started on the Ghost Story cover yet. That will be her next target.

Here is a discussion thread. Fight!

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