Development Update: May 20th, 2019



The last of the first three Klaysee commissions, it’s a cultist (named Bianca, according to Klaysee) becoming a latex drone! It’s a three part series you can see on Sinpai’s deviantart. Go give her a like/comment/subscribe or whatever the hell DA does. I don’t know but go do it.

Programming and Stuff

This week, I completed one of the four sidequests that needs to be done for the Biolabs. Three to go!

I also fixed a bug or two (Thanks, Klaysee) and added cinematic sidebars. Plus some engine work. But it’s mostly the side quest.

I hope to have all sidequests completed by mid-June so I can get some bugs fixed before the big release. Get psyched.


Stinkehund is working on getting all of Christine’s emotes done up. He’s most of the way through her Human form and Latex Drone is next.

Chickenwhite is both writing up the milking scene (it will be released to patrons probably next week in an early form) and working on the Ghost Cover. I don’t know which we’ll get first!

Urimas has actually completed his outstanding assignments and is working on his mech game. Because we need clicker games in 2019 amirite?


It’s back to work. I have just under a month of solid work ahead of me.

Here is a discussion thread. Argue for my amusement!

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