Development Update: June 3rd, 2019


That’s right, MarioneTTe has finally uploaded the next installment of the Pandemonium: Not a Video Game but Actually a Book series. You can see it here on Amazon. Patrons for specific months already have a copy, but now the general public can have one!

You can also see an image of ghost Mei and her regular panties. You pervs.

In other news, Mario announced that the Alraune and Werecat stories are on their way. We do not have an ETA for them yet. 5$ patrons starting in June (which is now!) will get copies when they are released.

Programming Stuff

I’m currently halfway through the third subquest in the Biolabs, with the most complicated one being last. This one is unique, silly, and heartwarming, with bullets and explosions and dancing.


And you thought I was kidding.

Art for the Art God

Urimas is making dancing moth sprites. Stinkehund has to complete 3 more emote pages and finish inking one of the gala portraits.

Chickenwhite promises that the EDG TF sequence images will be ready by next Monday. Patrons will get a sneak peek, everyone else will have to wait for the prototype.

Current objective is end of June. We’re on track to make it.

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