Development Update: May 27th, 2019

Programming Crap

Finished the Aquatics subquest, 2/3rds done the Amphibian subquest. It includes a charming puzzle and a whole bunch of amphibian facts. Did you know there are three major groupings of amphibians: salamanders, frogs/toads, and caecilans? I didn’t know about that last one and now I do!

I want to complete all the subquests and enemy balancing by mid-June so we have some time for testing and expansions. Hopefully on track!


Chickenwhite promises to have the Eldritch Dreamer TF images done, and the Raiju TF images done, by the time the Patron-prototype goes out at end of June. Anything else will be additional emote sheets.

Otherwise, Hund and Urimas are mostly caught up on their activities. Hund has completed most of the emote pages and has to finish off Latex Christine.


We have the cover for the ghost story. Patrons get to see it today! It will be live on Amazon in… whenever Mario gets it uploaded and approved. Get psyched! You get to see Mei’s butt.

Here is a discussion thread. Argue for my amusement!

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