Prototype 5-4a Released to Patrons!

It’s out! Go here for the public information post, or here for the Patron Pal post!

From the public post:

If you’re a Patron Pal then you can go to the Prototype 5 downloads page. If you’re a previous patron (and have stopped being a patron recently) then you still have access to the page.

You retain the ability to download future prototypes and patches even if you stop being a patron, but we need your support, so if you have a huge pile of GOLD BULLION sitting around, consider giving it to us!

The prototype will be released to the public on July 28th, 2019. Why the 28th? Ask Klaysee.

If you are not a patron but were, please send me a message.
If you are not a patron and have no money, but really really really want to play the prototype, send me a poem/heartfelt essay about why you love the game and, if the team loves it, we’ll get you a copy.

In other news, I killed myself making this and am tired. The process of bugfixes begins on Monday.