Development Update: Poll Results for August!

Prototype 5-4g will be released tomorrow, not today.

I was going to release it today, but there’s a crash bug in it and I don’t have time to track it down today (because I got called into work. Act surprised.)
I will try to deal with it tomorrow and get the new UI prototype released.

Development Update

I just got all the images from TL and will be releasing a new Classic Mode update next week (probably), which will include: Bees, Bunnies, Angels, Vampires, Latex Drones, and Vampires. So get excited.

Urimas is making sprites, Hund got me the title screen for String Tyrant, and the others are on vacation. Mario does not have an ETA on the Alraune Story.

Poll Results

Unfortunately we could not get Chicken and Koops for a steering meeting, so we’ll have that meeting later. For now, I will present the results as-is.

There are spoilers for the end of the biolabs patch in this post. If you haven’t played it yet, you should go do that because it’s free.

Question 1: What should the team’s objective be?


So this one is pretty clear. The public wants chapter 5 and then, oddly, chapter 2. The existing plan was: Chapter 5, String Tyrant, Balance Patch, Chapter 2.
Enthusiasm for String Tyrant is a lot lower than expected, but it’s also really really really close to completion. So I might simply not give it the new map I was planning and just put in the new enemy/TF/ending CGs and release it.

Question 1.5: The joke options about joke options


As if anyone would ever really want me to not put joke options in.

Question 2: What TF should be completed first in chapter 2?


Bunnygirls and Fungoids it is! Windthrall will come later, and the Trials of the Dragon/Trials of the Fox will have to come last. Oh how sad.

Question 3: Patron-Pal-TF-Choice!

So for those of you not in the know, I asked the patrons to pick a character and a form, and Chicken will draw it later on (probably September). Anything was valid, including characters and forms that technically don’t even exist yet!


Spin the damn wheel!


Some patron wanted a Latex Drone but didn’t know who? Okay. So the name of whatever character the next roll lands on gets droned.


So, Latex Jeanne will get concepted by Chicken and posted for all to see… sometime soon! Yay!

This might be a thing we do periodically going forward, based on artist time available. While all of these will eventually get concepted, it helps to break up the work patterns of the artists.

Public Feedback Poll


As usual, a fairly good response from people already predisposed to like the game. That is fine, this question is only concerning if the results are really bad. Then something needs to change.


I decided to go with a free-form response since there’s so much in the biolabs update.

There isn’t a particular pattern here, which is a good thing as it means the update had a little something for everyone (which was by design). I’m surprised by the synthwave answer because we don’t usually get musical responses. That’s why I made it free-form.


The least-favourite thing question is also free-form, and that gives me a lot more to work with. To address some of them:
-The milking sequence is going to get images later, but they weren’t even concepted in time for the release.
-Enemies being too hard or too boring is going to get dealt with severely in the balance patch. I know they suck, but every time I want to improve them I start wanting to do it with tools I don’t have yet. We’ll just have to be patient.
-A lot of people disliked the plot beats but that’s because they hate the character behind it. Which is by design, mwehehehe.
-Christine getting bigger boobs from the machine would require a lot of asset redrawing -_-
Otherwise, we’ll work on improving what we got here. Chapter 5 won’t be done for a while yet, since there’s still more content to go.


Agent Almond always wins!

But seriously, the board is pretty evenly distributed, which is good. That means I shouldn’t cut anything.


Most people who investigated the ranch did it as Christine and Sophie, or both. Several did not know you could do it with 55, which means I need to make that more obvious. Perhaps the scene where the party splits and Christine speaks with Sophie could provide a prompt.


2 people are okay with not having spidergirls. 12 are not okay with it.

Please direct all hate to Chickenwhite, whose idea this was.


The biolabs update was fairly well received but the combat sucked and the plot needs to be elaborated on a bit. Okay! On to the next part.

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