Development Update: August 12th, 2019

Poll Results are Next Week

I will be calling a team meeting (if I can, Chicken and Koops have poor connectivity) so we can discuss the poll results. I’ll need to be updating the roadmap based on what the team thinks.

I can definitely say that Chapter 5’s completion is our first priority, since that both won pretty  handily and was already our target.

If you haven’t filled out the public survey yet, you should probably do that.

New Inventory and Equipment UIs

I’ve spent part of the past week working on an overhaul of the inventory and equipment screens. Take a look:




These should help make things a lot easier to keep track of. Equipment statistics are more visible and many more items can be displayed at once.

This is important because the Big Balance Patch is going to be adding a lot of new items and properties, so keeping track of everything should be as easy as possible.

I am currently most of the way through the vendor and gemcutter interfaces, which also have to be updated for the new system. The display is changing, but the backend won’t until the big balance patch comes out.

Dem Icons

Urimas is redoing the item icons for the 23×23 size. Since I’m finalizing this as the size from this point forward, we can get more item icons made. Each gem will have a unique sprite, there will be boots/gloves/viewfinders and much more on the way.

Everything Else

The artists are still on vacation for the immediate future. It’s all coding changes this week.

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