Development Update: August 26th, 2019

Check out this sweet fan art!


Commissioned by #1 Fan, Guide Creator, and Person I Talk To Sometimes Klaysee.

This was done by Tamas Patkos, and you can find the original (and a concept sketch) here!

It’s always interesting to see another artist’s take on something Chicken made. To my eye, the neck is the most interesting difference. Maybe I’ll ask Chicken to comment on it later.


I’m currently working on adding a whole bunch of new monster forms to Classic mode. It’s taking longer than you’d think because the old code is… well not the best organized. After a bit of work I can figure out what the hell I was thinking and insert new things.

What I’m trying to say is my old code isn’t terrible, it’s just old.

Anyway, I’ve added beegirls and am most of the way through adding latex drones. The full roster is:

Bees, Latex Drones, Bunnygirls, Cupids, Fallen Cupids, Dolls, and Vampires.

I expect this new release will be out this week sometime, at which point it’s off to work on the next story update for adventure mode.


Urimas made a bunch of item icons so now it doesn’t look so janky on the inventory screen. Otherwise, my artists just got back from vacation and have nothing to show for it other than a bunch of pictures of dogs.

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