Classic Mode Update (Part 1!)

That’s Right, Classic Mode

As per popular request, Classic Mode is getting an update. Maniac Photoshopper and Unity Developer ThrowawayLady has been making the Unity edition of Pandemonium for a while, and the Discord chat was like “You should put all the new monsters in classic mode” and I was like “Yeah okay.”

So here we are. Classic Mode will now have latex drones, cupids, dolls, bees, vampires, and bunnygirls. These are all configurable as usual.

Presently, imps and cupids do not battle one another and you can’t get fallen cupids. I’ll be adding that next week. In addition, corrupter mode does not feature these yet, I’ll be adding that next week.

You can get it here.

This prototype also contains a bugfix for chapter 1 and changes the program to use streamed-loading instead of RAM-loading. It should help people using older machines.

The Classic Mode Restoration Project


Because we live in a Mad Max hellworld, the original model information to make classic mode was lost in a hard drive failure years ago.

Thanks to obsessive Discord people Trinity and Aaaac, some impressive progress has been made trying to put together a list of the original mods. Just look above!

While not everything is exactly correct (obviously Christine’s clothes, but Sanya’s bikini and hairbands are also missing), they’re making progress. Any volunteers should head to the Discord chat and get up to speed. They’re essentially combing through a huge pile of poorly-organized mods trying to find the ones used in 3DCG.

Success in this endeavour might lead to higher-definition images or possibly new forms to add to Unity Edition.

Project Roadmap

After discussing the poll results with the recently not-vacationed artists, we came to the following conclusions:

Chapter 5 will be finished in its entirety. Once it’s done, I will start work on the Big Balance Patch while Koops will finish Doll Manor’s handful of remaining assets. Chicken and Hund will move on to chapter 2 and get its art done while I code the balance changes.

Because Doll Manor doesn’t have very much left but could be released for actual $$$ (and thus be used to pay the artists) we figured it’d be best to do so. The Big Balance Patch was always intended to come before chapter 2 despite losing on the poll, since some of chapter 2 relies on the changes from the patch.


Urimas finished Doll Christine’s sprite and will be doing a spriting experiment soon. There may or may not be an announcement next week concerning this. It probably won’t be very exciting.

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