Development Update: Odyssey of Giana Cross-Promotion! Fan art! Other stuff, probably!

So this is the secret thing I mentioned earlier in the month.


That’s right, Team Starlight has a cross-promotion agreement with Vhiel, the developer of Odyssey of Gianna.

It’s a transformation-heavy H-RPG set in a mystical land where princess Liliana must go on a quest. She’ll probably get turned into a monkeygirl, but ostensibly she’s going to save the world.

Why this cross-promotion? Well, the beta launched exactly one week before Pandemonium’s next prototype, and I’m a fan of the project myself. So we not only cross-promoted it, but even tricked Chicken into doing fan art!


This is Jyla, a rogue who can also turn into a bird – sort of. Trust me, it makes sense in context.

What’s that? You’re not immediately sold on this game? Well, Vhiel put out a demo a while back. You can get it right here.

If you like what you see, the Beta release came out a few hours ago. Anyone who has donated 10$ or more to Vhiel’s patreon gets the demo and a copy of the game when it is fully released. Pricing information is available in this post.

So if you like anything in the demo at all, go support the game damn you!

OoG also has a discord if you’re into that sort of thing.

Yes, I will be writing up a review once I’ve had a chance to go over it in detail. It will be every bit as brutal as the other Design with a Grain of Salt posts. It comes from a place of love I promise.

Will there be cameos in Pandemonium? I mean probably. It’s a big game. Anything could happen.

Other Update Stuff

I need 2-3 more images from Chickenwhite. The last prototype sent to the testers had only a couple bugs, and they’re fixed now. Except for Mario messing up the slime scene but that’s his fault.

We are presently on track for the release next Monday.

Patrons get a particularly spooky bonus stuff this week…

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