Development Update: October 14th, 2019

Boring Update Before the Good Bits

After sending a second prototype for testing, there weren’t many bugs nor many negative things to say about it. Everything is on track for release. In fact, I’ll have a little extra time so I’ll be getting some dialogue work done on older parts of the chapter. Aren’t you lucky?

Ultra Secret News is Later This Week

I was informed yesterday that the thing I’ve been hinting at is “later this week”. I will post here and on the patreon as soon as it’s out. Get psyched!

Poll Results for Costume Time


Queen Bee Mei won pretty definitively here, with 55 as 2B a distant second.

Exactly when these get made is up in the air at the moment. But, here’s the plan:

I will add a password input menu to the save point options. You’ll be able to enter passwords there to activate silly costumes or cheat codes. The passwords will be found at various spots in the chapters, but will be the same between playthroughs.

When certain passwords are entered, characters will use alternate costumes if available. So if you find out the 55 as 2B password, you’ll be able to replay chapter 5 on a new file and enter it right away, and enjoy an entire chapter of cosplay.

It also means I can put in absurdly dumb passwords as rewards for achievement-like activities, like completing chapter 1 without talking to anyone (that isn’t mandatory) or losing a battle. And then someone will post the passwords on the forums and totally defeat the purpose.

Terrible Things are Happening with Unity Edition


After some success with recreating the old assets, someone who shall remain anonymous found a pose set. Oh the awful things that we can do.

Unity Edition will be getting yet another content upgrade soon, including moths and claygirls! A prototype is available here (Updated Oct 24, lol the link has the word “GAYS” in it) and a new release is expected pretty soon.


October Budget Report

Here’s the much-hyped October budget statement for the project.

I know you’re all just so excited to read the budget statements, but this is a special occasion. We just passed 10,000 total project income! Woohoo! Just in time for the completion of chapter 5, and it’s a coincidence I swear!

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