Development Update: November 18th, 2019

Prototype 5-5 becomes public next week

Rather than drop the prototype in the middle of the week, I will make it public on the Monday during the usual update time.

Programming Stuff

I have completed the credits and costume backend code and am now going to be clearing as many bugs as I can from the existing list.

Starting on December 1st, Pyxxis and I begin work on the areas that never get completed during the chapter 5 development cycle: Southern Cryogenics and The Manufactory. I expect these areas would take a month normally, but since that month is December, they will probably be completed in January due to Holiday-itis.

Artistic Stuff

Stinkehund is currently working on animations to use for all the damage types that aren’t in the game, like ice, shadow, light, terrify, and all that crap. The ice attack has been “completed” and needs coloring.

Chickenwhite is on vacation for a week because the new Pokemon came out and we all knew she wouldn’t be getting anything done, come on.

Koops is still working on Doll Manor’s ending CGs. Because she works a day job (like me!) I don’t have an expected ETA on those yet.

Urimas is currently doing sprites for all the costumes, and is halfway done the Queen Bee Mei sprites.

MarioneTTe, though a writer, cannot be described as an artist in any way.

Unity Edition?

Unity Edition has been getting a lot of improvements lately, and you should go check it out if you haven’t.

Whenever TL decides enough is enough, I will be adding alllllll the new forms and mechanics to Classic Mode. I will set aside 2-3 weeks just for that because there’s a lot, holy cow. I also need to redo the UI for Classic now just because so much stuff has been added.

Artistic Style Polling

In case you missed it, we’re doing a public feedback poll on the Patreon. Details on the patreon post.

While you must have a patreon account to vote in the poll, if you don’t particularly want to make one you can register your vote on the forums (link is below) or comment on this very blog post, and I will add it to the final tally. Go vote!


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