Prototype 5-5d now released to the public!

That’s right, 5-5d is now a public game you can download and play and enjoy.

The links are right here (Mediafire) (, or you can check the downloads page for a current version if you’re reading this from the future.

From this point on, chapter 5’s prototypes will all be public. There is still another content addition in the pipeline for chapter 5, as well as some bugfixes, but it is now story-complete and playable start to finish.

I’m a returning player and I lost my save! Help!

Very helpful person and bug enthusiast Aaaac has provided a collection of savefiles you can use to skip to certain spots. Click here to download them! (Mediafire) (

Please fill out this demographics survey!

There will be a poll next week to figure out what everyone thinks of chapter 5, but for now, please fill out this general demographics survey. It’s been a while since we did the last one, and I’d like to know what sort of fanbase we have.

You don’t have to fill it out if you don’t want to. Results will be published at a later date.

Style Survey Results

Because I am a fool, I decided to create a poll last week asking which of three styles we should use for our art going forward. I am a fool because I used Patreon’s built-in polling system which is hostile to users who don’t have Patreon accounts.

Fortunately, I simply allowed people to also vote by just telling me their preference on the forums. There are a few extra votes but not enough to change the majority. They are, in order, +1, +2, +1.

Style Results


The comparison image is provided for clarity.

Considering a fairly solid majority liked the more shadowed version, and a slimmer majority liked the colored lines, that’s the style we’ll be going with. Obviously, Art Director Chickenwhite has the final say, but she won’t have a problem with these results.

The only reason to change would be economical (it costs less time and therefore less money to use the black-lined versions) and I think the majority is large enough that the extra work is justified.

Other Considerations

If you filled out the survey above, you’ll notice a question about Redbubble. We’ve gotten some requests for merch recently, so I’ve dispatched Stinkehund to get us ready to have a simple merch store put together.

Want specific merch? Ask on the forums or via discord!

Next week I will go into our rough roadmap for development. For now, go play the new story content!

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