Development Update: December 16th, 2019

Programming Update

You can tell it’s December because Salty is overworked and overtired! There will be a content patch tomorrow featuring chat topics and Southern Cryogenics, a new (relatively small) area. There will be another content patch later featuring the Manufactory but that will likely be in January.

Artistic Stuff

Hund has completed some more damage animations and Koops is starting on chapter 2 concepts, which will find their way into Patron Bonus Stuff once we start finalizing them.

Chicken, meanwhile, has suffered a loss in the family. Our heart goes out to her.

Other Notes

As expected, don’t expect much in the coming weeks. Salty has way too many day-job shifts because the holidays are a time of stress and unhappiness, and the artists are probably doing stuff like “hanging out with their families” and stuff like that.

Curious Catte!

Here are the anonymous questions we got this week, with the usual trite answers from various team members:




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