Prototype 5-5e Released!

There’s more chapter 5 for you now!

You can download it here (Mediafire) (

Need savefiles because you lost yours? We have some here!

This adds Southern Cryogenics, a new (small) area that is… south of Cryogenics. You can enter it after getting 55 in your party by returning to Cryogenics and exiting via the southern airlock you started the chapter in.

This area is mostly complete, it is missing enemies and some treasure and will be getting an “Electrosprite Shortcut” later on. The storyline for the area is complete.

There are also now topics in the biolabs part of the chapter. If you have the debug menu (hello patrons) there is a cutscene you can activate to populate all the topics. Otherwise, they unlock naturally and at two major points – entering the labs (or the music cutscene if you have an old save) and when you enter the Raiju Ranch.


There’s also a changelog

Here it is.

  • Updated the chapter select screen to highlight available chapters.
  • Added Southern Cryogenics area.
  • Added Relive handling for chapter 5.
  • Added topics for the biolabs.
  • Fixed some not-north bugs.
  • Fixed some collision errors.
  • Fixed an airlock in the biolabs.
  • Fixed the get-around-the-door bug in the flashback sequence (Thanks, Terafreak!)
  • Can now exit Equinox as any not-organic form.
  • Fixed some enemies out of bounds in Cryogenics.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed (null) topic in dialogues caused by deprecated topics from previous saves.
  • Added emotional cues for Dreamer Christine and Electrosprite Christine.
  • Made sure to use Unit 309100’s correct designations…
  • Fixed incorrect UI alignment on the transformation menu.