Development Update: December 9th, 2019

We now have a page with artist commission information

Some people (you know who you are) were asking if they can commission the artists who work on the game. Well now you can! Either follow that link, or look at the navigation pane in the upper right where it shall be enshrined forevermore.

I also made a page for String Tyrant

You can read about the upcoming survival-horror-also-has-dolls-and-girls-kissing game String Tyrant (former title: Doll Manor) over on this special page. The link is also in the nav pane.

Programming Update

I am currently working my way through Southern Cryogenics. The map patterns are laid out and glued together, and I am working on the examination text and map detail. It should be ready for testing tomorrow (probably).

I intend to also put in the Relive options and save point dialogues with 55 and SX-399 and then send it out to testers by Friday. If all goes well, the first content patch for chapter 5 will be next week.

Artistic Update

Koops and Hund have gotten me all the remaining art needed to complete String Tyrant, meaning that will probably get completed in January or February depending on how long the chapter 5 work takes.

Chicken is going through a bit of a rough time right now, so no updates on that front. Her current task is to redo the chapter 1 art that we lost in the shuffle, after which she will do a costume or two for chapter 5 and then renormalize the rest of the shading.

Other Concerns

It is December and that means The Holidays bear down upon us. Please take this into account in terms of our team’s productivity. Just because Salty works 7 days a week doesn’t mean he also doesn’t get vacations (just because he literally doesn’t)!

Curious Cat Time

Yes we still have a curious cat, and yes people actually do use it. You can use it too!


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