Merry Crimblepop

There’s not much of an update this week, everyone is busy with the holidays.

I died of exhaustion but some jerkoff paramedic revived me.

Free Bonus Stuff For Everyone!


Remember String Tyrant? I got Goop-Sinpai to do an ad commission! This is a WIP of the animation (oh my god it has so many errors it’s a WIP) where Mary gets doll’d!

It will be finished and used to promote the game when it launches (probably in February) along with some other stuff we’ll make later.

Why are you seeing this? Well it’s the holidays, so this is our gift to you.

Mary and Doll sequence

Higher-res less-crusty versions of the image.

I’ve also got some lettering done by Chickenwhite, but she saved it in a format I can’t open so I’ll update this post later once I get it.

Curious Catte!

As usual, here are the Curious Cat questions for the week.





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