Development Update: May 4th, 2020

Coding Action

This week, I’ve been slaving away reorganizing the combat for the big balance patch. Get used to that sentence.

So far I’ve rebuilt most of the baseline. The new code gives a much better control of event flow and better handling for exotic cases. This week I’ll be adding AI controllers and then rebuilding the UI interfaces which I had to rip out since all the combat code was redone.

Artistic Action

Chicken has finished updating a few more images, one of which the patrons get to see! Urimas is helping me with some more UI images. Stinkehund broke his glasses and just got the new frames, so he was blind for a week. What a silly Hund.

Steam Stuff

Our projected Steam release date for String Tyrant is this Friday, May 8th (unless something bad happens) and I will do a post when that happens. Leaving steam reviews is very helpful, so anyone who can is encouraged to.

The IndieGala bundle got moved back to May. Exact date is unknown, more when it develops.

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