Development Update: May 11th, 2020

String Tyrant Steam News

Our current projected release date for String Tyrant on Steam is May 21st, 2020. The 8th was just the day it went into the review queue -_-

It is currently awaiting review by a Valve employee. May 21st was the earliest day it would let me set the projected release date on the API, so that’s our projected release.

Coding Action

I spent some time this week struggling with the steam UI, but that’s all done. I’ve also been working on rebuilding chunks of the Adventure Mode UI to handle the new skills system. I’m currently building the jobs/skills UI and fixing other things as I go.

Artistic Action

Hund is getting us more of these area overlays to make navigation more intuitive. Chicken is doing her thing, and Urimas is getting me my precious icons.

Oh how I love icons.

Contagious Curiosity


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