Development Update: August 3rd, 2020

Chicken needs your music help!

Artist Chickenwhite likes animating things. Without me even asking, she wants to make an animated transformation promo of a bouncing Mei transforming into her chapter 1 monster forms.

And she needs your help!

Chickenwhite says:

You know ’em, you love ’em, they’re on youtube (for now) and we’re making one – it’s animated meme time! Pandemonium-girls edition!

The theme is transformation, and with each new beat, a new one will occur. Now the only thing missing is the other most essential part of an animated meme – the music. And because we work backwards in here in Chicken’s brain, that part has yet to be found.

Which brings us to how YOU – yes, you, Chris (your name probably isn’t Chris, but it was worth it to mess with the Chris’s of the world)- can help us finish this project. Pick a song for this thing! The only requirements are that it be catchy, that it fit the animation, and preferably, that it isn’t already used for another popular animated meme. With that said, send your suggestions, please! I – Chicken – shall be awaiting them anxiously!

It doesn’t need to be long, I’m only going to be using a few seconds of it, so you can absolutely specify a part of the song to be nominated.

Want to suggest a song? I made a google form so you can do just that. Time stamps and links to a youtube/soundcloud help!

And for promotion’s sake, here’s an animation Chicken made because she likes Bendy and the Ink Machine.

Coding Stuff

Low-productivity week last week, as I had a lot of day-job shifts. I should be done my work on Pairanormal today or tomorrow, and then it’s time to make saving and loading work again in Pandemonium.


Koops completed a concept that is important but you won’t be seeing for a while. Chicken is working on that promo-art and then it’s extra enemies for chapter 1. Urimas is doing tiles and stuff. Hund got me the updated Florentina emotes.


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