Odyssey of Gianna Goes Live and Development Update: September 20th, 2021

Odyssey of Gianna’s release date is September 22nd

Hey remember that game? That one that Salty shilled for? It’s coming out this week.

Here’s Vhiel’s patreon post with some more details.

Having played the game myself, I (Salty) being a tester for it, I can say it has my seal of approval. It has monstergirls, it has transformation, and most of all it has game design and a story. It’s actually fun to play. Hard to believe I know.

I did a cross-promotion to this almost two years ago in October of 2019. Since then a pandemic got in the way but now it’s coming out and you should go play it and enjoy it. If you liked Pandemonium you’ll probably enjoy this. Maybe. I’m not the boss of you.

Other Development News

Koops has now finished all of the concepts for the introduction of chapter 2. I’ve moved her onto making stuff for Slitted Eye. Expect to see Space Lesbians With Ray Guns, The Movie soon.

I’m almost done the second puzzle mechanic set of chapter 2. This one is a bit more involved and will probably have lots of lovely bugs for me to fix, but I think it’s pretty fun and inventive.

Chicken has finished her part of the upcoming commission release. That means she is now back to making 3D models. She is hoping to fix up Urimas’ cat model attempts.

All of the artists are now working on Slitted Eye. We hope to have a playable demo by the end of the month.

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