Development Update: November 8th, 2021

UI Update Part 4

The Sell UI is now complete, borrowing a lot of the same code as the Buy UI. It’s what you’d expect, showing the item’s value and its properties, allowing more details by pressing F2.

Keep in mind the column layouts are subject to change once I talk about this UI to my UI person. And if you’ve got suggestions, now is the ideal time!

Buyback is unchanged, still basically the Buy UI. For those of you not in the know, the game tracks the last items you sold to a vendor and lets you buy them back if you made a mistake. Well that’s this UI. Simple.

The Gems UI is now totally overhauled. First, you select a gem…

At which point you are brought to the merging screen, which shows costs, property changes, and even the colors of the various gems you own.

You can also now disassemble gems, returning the original gems but losing any adamantite and money spent in the process. This wasn’t in the old UI, so I had to slap together the code for it. It works like a charm.

This week I’m going to be going over the campfire saving UI and getting all that stuff up to standard. Not much code writing, more like code reorganizing.

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