Development Update: November 15th, 2021

UI Update Part 5

I’ve updated the class change UI. This involved reorganizing a bunch of the code, so now all the grids use standardized code. Class changes also use the new property comparison block.

You’ll notice a slight difference in that we’re now use the combat portraits here instead of sprites. While I did write code to miniaturize existing images and render percentages of them, I’ve decided that, to save memory usage, I’ll actually make adorable 90×90 icons. So these are that.

Party Chat UI, same basic deal. The code is now better organized and we use a miniaturized emote, which I will make icons of later.

The Relive UI got the same treatment, once again using emotes. Considering the nature of these scenes, I will probably make icons of the TF sequences instead.

Costumes UI. Once again, now using the emotes is much cleaner than using the sprites.

The Save UI is also updated to use a new set of fonts, and to standardized the control information printed at the top. You now also press the shoulder buttons to switch pages instead of holding Ctrl down.

I also updated the password UI, but it’s literally identical in every way to the old version. The code is different and better organized, but visually, it’s the same.

This week, I’ll be rounding off the campfire menu with the Warp UI, which is another grid UI so it won’t take too long.

After that, Doctor Bag UI, Exit UI, and Map UI. These are all the “small” UIs, because the last ones will be the big, scary Skills UI and Combat UI.

And then we’re done. UI Update is almost done!

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