Development Update: November 22nd, 2021

UI Update Part 6

All of the UIs are completed except Combat, and the additions to the Skills UI.

Dig the code organization, the capacity for expansion.

The Doctor Bag’s UI now uses the existing party positions to represent who is being healed, and shows the bonuses your doctor bag has. That wasn’t shown anywhere else on the UI so some people questioned if it was even real.

One of the more exciting and interesting UIs, the Quit UI is now in line with everything else.

Amusingly, the Quit UI was the one UI I never touched or updated since it was made. It was using deprecated fonts and stuff. Nobody noticed!

The Map and Warp UIs were also updated, but are visually identical to their previous versions. I just moved and reorganized the code.

The Skills UI now has a much nicer new layout, with new icons to indicate equipped skills and Class Default skills. The UI also places your current class at the top of the jobs list.

The skill descriptions deliberately use a larger font to improve readability. I have to make a new set of icons for the new font size, though.

Just like with the Inventory and Equip UI, pushing the F2 key opens up a description window to give more details on the skill. This is much better than the previous method of keeping the descriptions in the same window and using a different font, as I can now cram all the detail in a window you don’t have to look at.

I’m still working on the Profiles UI. Profiles are a new addition in this update. You can make a preset group of memorized skills, and then save them as a profile. If you switch jobs later on, that job will automatically use the set of skills that you set it to – including in combat!

More on that when it’s done. After this, all that’s left is the Combat UI and we’re ready for release.

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