Steam And Itch Release Live!

In fact they will be live at like 2am PST, so if you really want to stay up late you can get the Steam copy before all your peers! It’s the same as the public copy.

Speaking of.

Version 3.55 has been released!

Update: It’s out! See below for links!

Version 3.55

This version fixes up the controller handling. You can now rebind the controls from the options menu to use the joypad. You could technically have done this by editing the config files before, but now you can do it from inside the UI.

There is currently a bug when moving where if the joypad is bound to the second slot, your will stop moving randomly. If you use the joypad exclusively this problem does not occur.

Download it here (Mediafire / (Steam / Itch)


*Greatly improved controller handling. It should be possible to bind and use joypad controls without any nonsense.
*Note that mixing controller command with keyboard commands may cause unusual behavior, so don’t do that.

*Removed the unused SugarAnimation class from the engine.
*Removed the unused SugarTags class from the engine.
*Removed the unused SugarPalette class from the engine.
*Removed the unused VirtualConsole class from the engine.

*Fixed an error where a crash was occuring due to nil being passed after exiting topic conversation on a map with no music.
*Fixed backend issues related to Steam.

String Tyrant?

I have created the raw format for the translation executor. It actually works in-engine right now. All I need now is to build the base file out and put in an in-game option to execute the translation.

Hopefully it will not be long before String Tyrant can be played in any language that we have a translation for!

Curious Cat

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