Development Update: February 28th, 2022

String Tyrant Translation Work

Most of the backend is ready, with a big long file (3.3mb of just pure text!) containing ALL of the text in the game assembled and pruned. I sent it off to my translator for the first pass. There’s still a few things needed, such as a synonym checker so you can type whatever the Russian phrase for “look Jessie” is and it will work, and an in-game translation prompt on the title screen.

I could have those ready in a day, but I did spend like 30 hours just copying and pruning text so I want to do something else.

Modmaker’s Kit

I’m making good progress on the modmaker’s kit. I’m designing it to be a drag-and-drop affair. A folder placed inside the game’s folder contains the entirety of the mod, and the base game will have special handlers that check mods to see if they handle things. For example, if you’re spawning an enemy using modded lists, the base game will check the normal enemy lists, and then scan any mods to see if the enemy in question is handled by a mod.

So far I have everything except the journal ready to go. I’m also making a playable scenario to go alongside it, which will try to include as many things that are in the base game as possible so modders have a sample to work off of. Speaking of…

Meet Nina, the star of the modmaker’s kit. She will have two transformations, three playable forms, some skills, and even a set of emotes! I found some free assets on and convinced Urimas to make some sprites so things look nice.

I expect it will probably be two weeks and then the modmaker’s kit will be ready for release. It won’t contain every single thing in the base game, but I may add bits to it if modmakers ask me to. Once it and the translation are done, there is nothing between me and chapter 2.*

*Some horrible thing will probably happen. It wasn’t a good week was it?

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