Pandemonium v3.57 and Modmaker’s Kit v1.00 Released!

That’s Right, They’re Out

Download v3.57 here (Mediafire / Win/Lin/Mac) or get it from Steam or (you want v3.57a).

Get the Modmaker’s Kit here (Mediafire /

How do I use the Modmaker’s Kit?

Download the modmaker’s kit, then unzip it so the Chapter M folder sits alongside the other chapter folders in Pandemonium/Games/AdventureMode/

Start a new game and talk to the new rilmani who appears at the bottom of the map:

This should allow you to start the mod.

The provided sample game is short, about 15-20 minutes long. It has two transformations and several endings. It contains code examples of most of the things present in the main game, and for things it does not, the code present for chapters 1, 2, and 5 should suffice as samples.

More importantly, the mod uses detected paths to integrate into the base game seamlessly. This means that mod developers can pack their entire mod into a single folder and the game can detect and use it.

This only supports addons. Asset replacement is a to-do from me (it can theoretically be done now but it’d require hacking the base game anyway) but all you aspiring modmakers should have plenty to work off of.

Some time ago, I wrote a guide on how to make mods for the game. This guide is obviously now outdated, but it does contain links to the tools you will need towards the top, and the principles of how to make a map and edit scripts still apply. I will update the guide when I have time.

Making a mod is not officially supported, and playing mods made by others is likewise not officially supported. I will try my best to help with questions, but keep in mind that I’m also trying to make a video game (you may have heard of it, it’s called Runes of Pandemonium. Professional Fisherman Namapo said it was good!) so my time is limited. I can’t teach you how to code in Lua, but I can try to direct you towards samples and useful resources.

Oh, and if you’d like to keep abreast of updates to the modmaker’s kit, it’s in a public repository. The repository contains the chapter’s contents, and also its base assets in the Satellites folder. Downloading the repository will allow you to use Tiled and Sugarlumps to create your own assets for the games.

If you’re wondering where I got the assets, most of them come from The credits for the assets are in the repository. Urimas made Nina’s sprites.

The RoP Let’s Play Again! Again!

Did you know Ack (WHO IS NOT A DEVELOPER), Hund (who is, Steam says so) and Pyxxis (who is an intern) did a let’s play of the game? Did you know it’s on youtube and you can go watch it? They did this while gathering trailer footage for the game, but maybe you’ll get to hear weirdos complain about the UI or something.

Oh and Koops made this adorable picture for it.

Zekyr Bonus Stuff

If you get stuff commissioned from our artists that we can use for promo art, you get a discount.

People sometimes ask me, what if Zeke was a hot satyr-goat girl? I never have an answer. Koops drew it though. And now you get to use your eyes to capture reflected or emitted photons off of this very image!

What’s Next

There is now nothing between me and chapter 2. Big Balance Patch, yeah that needed to be done. But then people wanted a UI update, Steam/Itch releases, and translation handling, which meant UTF-8 support, and now we have the modmaker’s kit. Well all of that is out of the way now! Nobody can stop me!


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