Pandemonium v3.58 Released

Changelog at the bottom of the post, as usual. Mostly a bugfix patch.

Download it ( / Mediafire) (Or visit Steam / Itch)

Other Development Stuff

The kitsune village is done (or rather, playable start to end, there’s always more to add!) and I finished basic combat placement. I’m currently working on items, along with chapter 2’s new kitsune crafting system.

I would be absolutely tickled to have Chapter 2’s Intro out by March, but that’s probably optimistic as most of the art would be placeholders.


*Added a description of Protection to the combat glossary.
*Added missing Security Doll enemy to the mines blacksite.
*There is now a 2% chance that any given enemy in the mines will be a paragon. This happens at all depths.
*Increased chapter 5’s paragon chance to match chapter 1’s.
*Fixed an examination in the Quantir sewers causing a destabilized lua state.
*Fixed a softlock when re-living the Ghost TF in NC+ and not having the manor key.
*Fixed skeletons respawning incorrectly in the modkit when resting at a campfire.
*Fixed some collision errors in the modkit.
*Fixed the fountain in the fishing village having weird collisions.

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