Development Update: March 21st, 2022

Coding Stuff

I am almost done the additions for chapter 2’s introduction. I could even release it next week, but I won’t! Want to know why? Because then we wouldn’t have much time for testing, and also because way, way too much of the art would be placeholders. Like half of the enemy sprites and enemy portraits are placeholders. The harpy enemy portrait is an eagle with a hat on.

I’m not kidding.

So the artists have to get me some more sprites and concepts before I’ll release chapter 2’s introduction. Otherwise, I’ll fix bugs and make more maps for the next part of the release.

There will likely be a bugfix patch next week to deal with a weird achievement issue in the Steam release plus minor stuff like mission collisions.


Hund has been working on chapter 2’s map, or rather the map of Northwoods. It’s looking good but it’d also be a bit of a spoiler so you’ll see it when you see it. Chicken is working on portraits, Koops on enemies, and Urimas is getting me ability icons.

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