Version 3.59 Released

Download It Here

Changelog at the end of the post as usual.

Version 3.59 (Mediafire / (Win/Lin/Mac Bundled)

Or you can get it from Steam and

Development Stuff

I need a few more sprites from Urimas and I can make a build for the testers. As said previously, everything is in place except a few placeholders, so I’m going to proceed with the next section of mapping while I wait for those.

I suspect the release will be in early April.


*You can now hide ability descriptions entirely with F2, in addition to toggling simple/complex versions.
*Added a flag (for modders) called “Run Frames” to force an NPC to load running frames on creation.

Combat Balance
*Added Black Site paragon grouping for chapter 5.

*Fixed the chapter 5 Cassandra achievement not unlocking if using the south door to talk to her.
*Fixed Raiju Christine’s Battery Drainer ability not existing.
*Fixed item drops failing in some cases.
*Fixed getting multiple drops of the same name not rewarding the item multiple times.
*Fixed positive/negative charges not building in combat.
*Fixed missing downed sprites for some paragons.
*Fixed inventory not showing quantity correctly for stackable items.
*Fixed Chain Zap not hitting multiple targets.
*Fixed some missing collisions in the Tellurium Mines.
*Fixed a text overrun in 609144’s profile.

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