Development Update: August 29th, 2022

Coding and Stuff

Despite what you might think, Mario actually did send me the updated werebat TF. Hopefully we can force Wispy to make the TF images before next release! Mario is now editing an upcoming commissioned story so maybe you’ll get to read that soon, I don’t know.

I finished up the Empress stuff, so next version you can find her secret lair and recruit her. I’m now working on fixing the (many) map errors I made when making the Westwoods maps, and then it’ll be time for all the stupid cutscenes and examinables!

Urimas unfortunately is dead, having melted into a puddle during the heat wave. This doesn’t mean his assignments aren’t going to get done, it just means I need to motivate him. Meanwhile, Koops finished another birb concept and Chicken is back from her summer vacation pretty soon so she’ll be making some more dragon pix.

I’m out of town for most of the week so next week’s update will be necessarily sparse. I’ll probably just post a bunch of cat pictures and hope nobody notices.

Curious Cat

There was only one curious cat question this week and then like 8 arrived in my inbox this morning. So uh, I’ll answer them next week.

Fan Art

I love the mousebots so here’s mousebot Talia by Hadezmuze. Since that’s all of the main characters as mousebots maybe I’ll have to… no I can’t move on. More mousebots.

The same artist also whipped up a Talia concept since we haven’t actually finalized Talia for RoP yet. So you can see that too!


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