Development Update: September 5th, 2022

As promised, it’s a short update this week because I was gone for most of last week. Gone, kaput, vanished, not here.

Currently I’m working through some Monoceros stuff, which might get a brief update soon. After that it’s back to fixing all the map stuff in chapter 2 before cutscene writing.

Also, a piece of commissioned writing might be coming your way soon! It’s currently in editing and then it’s up to the commissioner if/when it gets released.

And at the upcoming team meeting, we’ll be haranguing Wispy about the alraune story’s art! We all take turns screaming at him!

Fan Art

An absolutely superb Darkmatter by 2B Labs! Can they take on forms other than human? Sure! They might even show up as a cloud of dark mist and possess you…

Curious Cat


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